The length of your cock disappears inside me.
My ass jiggles against your thighs.
Harder and harder you pound my hungry pussy.
Listening to my lust filled cries.


The warmth returned to my body this morning.
Yours, was wrapped tightly into mine.
My heart beat again, to the familiar tune of love.
And the dance we danced, was divine.


Tonight, I will feel the softness of your lips against mine.
Tonight, I will taste your desire.
Tonight our bodies will merge, and dance as one,
In the flames of a lustful fire.


Your fingers run softly through the length of my hair,
Causing me to relax, as a moan escapes my lips,
Wrapping myself warmly around you,
You feel my heat and wetness, pressed hot against your hips.


The heat of your breath seeps into me,
The want to feel your tongue overwhelms me.
You continue to speak dirty things, in hot teasing breaths,
Taking pleasure from my breathless, aching plea.


My lips lightly enveloped your wanting, swollen head,
Kissing you gently, caressing you with my tongue.
Your fingers gripped into my shower wet hair,
Telling me I'm a good girl, making me feel so young.


For a brief moment the pink lace was molded into my heat,
Your breath was hot, urgent were your teeth,
Tearing the fabric to the side at once,
Then slowly slipping into my warm, wet sheath.


The wine red lace hugged my curves,
My ass cheeks peeked from below.
The candlelight shimmered about the room.
And the desire inside me, had my skin all aglow.